Monday, May 14, 2012

Pull up Exploded in the Washing Machine

Just wanted to give a shout out that it is possible to survive the explosion of diaper gel in one's washing machine.

Especially when one's mother is visiting from out of state and is willing to spend QUALITY TIME with you shaking all those nasty, little, wet, gooey, gel-balls out of each item of clothing (inside out and right side out)!! 

Yep, there we were on the porch shaking while the sheep were eying us up wondering if the white, snowy looking stuff was some sort of new food item or if the world was just a little wacky at that moment!

Oh, it was some nice QUALITY time with my mother on Mother's Day.


Now for the details of what worked for us (because googling the topic will bring you to 101 answers of how to solve this "situation").

1.  We pulled everything out of the washer and into a tub.
2.  We wiped down the inside of the washer and ran a couple of rinse cycles.
3.  We shook the clothing over the railing of our very raised deck, often beating the clothing against the rails.   This worked best with shirts and flatter items.  Shaking a pair of pants allows gravity to force out the balls from the outside and the inside.  I found with pants that shaking them just long enough to get most of the gel off of the outside, then turning them inside out until the gel stopped flying, then finishing the shaking process once again on the first side was the most effective technique.
4.   At this point the advice becomes less clear.  Many say to wash and dry the clothes in smaller batches and other say to put it into the dryer where it will dehydrate and will brush right off or be trapped in the lint trap.

After cleaning out the inside of the washer I was not really in the mood to wash the inside of the dryer too.   We opted to soak the clothing in a tub of water (super hot to start off with) overnight.  Our hope is that the remaining will dissolve. Who knows if it will?   Tomorrow we will divide the load and wash it all again.

I wanted to share some blogs with you about this topic.   Some of the comments are quite funny.  :)  It is nice, when something like this happens, to know that you are not the first and that you are not alone. 




Because I said so

And because you can remove the students from the teacher but you can't make here stop teaching.............. here are some fun experiments!  They would be PERFECT to practice that Scientific Method Process stuff on!!!   :)

I hope perhaps these links or my experience will help someone somewhere, even if it just makes you giggle and feel better about yourself!  :)

Have a great week.


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